Plan your legal marketing strategy with these basic tips

Formulating the perfect marketing strategy can prove to be a daunting task for many legal professionals since marketing is an exercise which does not come naturally to them. Many firms end up spending a substantial portion of their profits on legal firm marketing and several others choose to hire the services of professional marketing experts. But the fact remains that the best marketing practices are developed over time, through the trial and error method and through learning by experience. If you are targeting the right areas and focusing on the essential marketing practices, you can save a load of money and time and also land the right clients for your firm. Here are some simple points which you should keep in mind for effective legal firm marketing.

  1. Keep in touch with old and new contacts – All law firms are hungry to land a big corporate body as a client who will keep a steady stream of cases flowing to their firm. One essential fact to be kept in mind is that you need to maintain touch with all your clients even when they are not giving you cases immediately. This ensures that they will remember you when they do have a case to hand over. Also, regular communication with clients and other referral sources is a great way to make sure that the name of your firm would be on the top of their mind if they need to make a reference to someone else.
  2. Work to fulfil the clients’ immediate needs – If you have set your eyes on a particular target group of clients, you will need to actually woo them before they hand over the coveted case which will bring in fat pay-checks for you. The best way to do that is to look after their immediate needs. You need to form a relationship with your prospective client and that can be achieved if your present yourself as a solution provider to all their problems, whether legal or non-legal.
  3. Turn your hobbies/interests into marketing plans – Legal firm internet marketing is not just about winning clients through referrals but is also about gaining their trust over a number of years. If they see that you are a commitment oriented firm which is dedicated to their job, they would be more likely to hire your services for their case. An easy way of showing your dedication is to participate in activities which suit your interest as well as the area of your practice. For example, if you have a flair for writing, you can start a legal blog and promote it through social networking websites.
  4. Make use of social networking websites like LinkedIn – Merely by networking through LinkedIn, which is a forum for meeting other professionals and prospective clients, you may never feel the need to specifically chalk out of marketing plan or invest your hard earned money into it. You must definitely keep all your options open by interacting with in-house counsels as well as private attorneys and other business professionals who can recommend you to people they know.

SEO for lawyers: From Online Searchers to Prospective Legal Client

Social Media is one of the most powerful tool in expanding your network. It is rightly said that the reflection of the physical world we are living in. Internet Marketing is a part of social media and SEO is an important tool for it.

SEO or the Search Engine optimization is the process of affecting the visibility of a webpage or a website’s natural search results. In simpler words, we can say that, SEO is a kind of amendment that is made in the search pages that more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors will it receive from the search engine’s users.

SEO can help any site or genre of search increases its visitors and ease the search of the search page user. The “LAW” department is no different and can be included in this. SEO for lawyers is one of the most crucial changes that are made in the internet marketing for easing the “JUSTICE ASPIRANTS” finding the right lawyers according to them. according to the statistics by “Lawyernomics” , when the prospective clients look for a lawyer, 21.9% of them start from a search engine. SEO for lawyers is critical in converting the basic online searchers to prospective legal clients.

The main reasons for the increasing use of SEO by the law firms is to increase their ranking in the search references to expand their network, to increase the traffic on their sites plus to be easily accessible to the online “JUSTICE AND HELP” seekers. People are running in a never ending race. All the need is easily accessible approach. If you are the first to provide the services they require first, they will hit all the customers all of the time.

It is also necessary to perfectly optimize the search focusing on certain targets that can help the firm is receiving certain goals in has set for the company. Some of the areas where the law firms need to focus can be:

  • Mastering the local and basic keywords that the online searchers use to start with the search
  • Reliable contents ensuring proper inclusion in the Google places and directions.

SEO is adopted widely by the law firms, attorney markets etc as an optimal online marketing strategy because of its effectiveness. Some of the advantages of SEO for lawyers are:

  • Increased traffic for the law firms
  • Brand Awareness
  • Increased Site usability
  • Better Information Display and to improve the approach to the common.
  • Maximize the potential of the firm
  • better socialization for the firm
  • High Brand Creditability
  • Superb ROI

The Legal Information searchers can be of following types:

  • researcher
  • shopper
  • questioner

For them, there are many approaches that only SEO for Attorney can provide. When it comes to effective SEO for lawyers, the key is to understand how the people they want for clients are using search engines.

First, they need to understand who these people actually are, problems are they facing, queries they have, words do they use to describe.

Next, they need to understand how people use search engines to find information related to your practice. their search, Are they researchers? Are they questioners? Are they looking for information about you and your practice?

It is only after they understand who the targets of their SEO are, and how these people use search engines, that they can deliver the information for which people are looking for. Once they have done the research to understand their prospective clients and practice, they can build a search engine optimization campaign that can help us achieve our client goals.

Law firm logos: Tips for Designing the Best One

The logo for law firm should be the best in the business to garner a good reputation for the firm. With such a huge responsibility, the designer should be able to come with an out of the box design for your logo. You can also assist the designer when you know about the various design aspects of the law firm logos. Some tips to design the best logo are provided here to enlighten you.

Track your competitor

Your competitors with good looking logos are already ahead of you. But the good thing is you can track them and keep a note of the various observations you found in their logos. Note both the positive and negative points of the logos of your competitors. A unique design should be crafted from scratch on the basis of the positive points and care should be taken that your logo does not match with the negative aspects.

You have to stay alert during this process. It is undoubtedly the best technique to surpass your competitors. But, there are chances for some serious errors to creep in and you have to be vigilant enough to avoid them in your logo. Since you take the law firm logos of your competitors as a reference, any cues from those logos can creep into your design. A copy paste job can do more harm than good to your law firm. The ideal work you should do is to develop the design from scratch by taking the already established logos as reference. Failure to do this can confuse your potential clients and it can also lead to land them in the offices of your competitors. Hence, track your competitors, but create a unique logo design on the basis of the documented inputs.

Theme and font selection

There are two types of themes in usage, traditional and non-traditional. The traditional theme is the good old “Serif”, while the modern or non-traditional theme is “Sans-Serif”. You cannot go wrong with either of these fonts, but it all matters whether you want a traditional or modern looking logo style.

For fonts, you have to select the one which is not used commonly. For example, Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri, etc are used regularly by many people and they can fail to impress when they are used for logo fonts. Hence, you should select a font which looks stylish and clear, and it should be a rare font.

Color selection

Right colors should be used for your logo. The colors should match and they should not look out of place in the final product. You can choose the best combination of colors by using any reputed tool for color selection.

Image selection

You can choose an appropriate image for the logo of your law firm. Many law firm logo are designed even without an image. These logos usually feature various words like abbreviations, names of the partners, etc. You can decide which one to feature in your logo depending on your preferences.

These tips can help you in designing the best logo for your law firm.

Personal Injury Marketing on the Internet and in the Community

Marketing plays an enormous and crucial role in attaining and maintaining a personal injury law firm. Internet and social media marketing has been frowned upon by several law firms however, these law firms fail to see the bigger picture. The bigger picture being that the internet and social media networks offer a huge and valuable potential client database.

The internet and social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest is a global network filled with potential clients that can be targeted and marketed to for little or no cost whatsoever to the personal injury law firm who utilizes it.

The first rule of thumb in utilizing online marketing strategies is a well-developed and organized, professional website. The website should promote a personable approach to it’s visitors in building trust and a unique awareness of solutions the law firm can and will provide. The site should include appropriate headings, subheadings, white space, and links that make navigation, viewing, and use of the web site simple enough for even the newest of Internet users and potential clients. In general, fonts should be large enough to read easily, but not to large as to be distracting. Any and all graphics should match the general color scheme as to be tasteful and to avoid coming across as tacky. Images should be appropriate for the content within the website and should be appropriate for all ages to view.

Once a well-developed and optimized website is built, promoting that site becomes pertinent in personal injury marketing. The website should be listed on any and all business cards as well as any newspaper, magazine, or online blog advertisements or discussions that mention the law firm by name. Driving traffic to the personal injury lawfirms website is what some might call, “The Goldmine” in online marketing and networking. The more traffic; the more clients.

The more clients; the more money the law firm will make.

While online marketing and social media networks are amazing tools and resources in gaining a client base for personal injury attorneys, networking in clubs and organizations in the community is another great way to build that client base as well. While not all communities and geographical locations utilize the internet or even have access to service, most of them have community clubs and charity benefits. There is no better place to meet and network face-to-face with individuals as a personal injury attorney.

Networking within a community and at social events and gatherings should be done with a positive and light mood. The more friendly and personable the personal injury attorney is, the more people and individuals in the community are going to like them and want to be around them. It is also proven that when someone enjoys the company of another, they will be that much better able to retain the information they are taking in from the conversation they share. When information such as an attorneys name is remembered, even in passing and short conversations, it would be that much more likely that if a personal injury situation were to unearth, that individual would resort to what they know off the top of their head and memory.

Networking in a whole is a great and time-tested method of personal injury marketing. Networking to a potential client base, no matter on the internet or at a local benefit, will prove to help a personal injury law firm attain and maintain a great reputation and a larger client base. Personal injury marketing can only help in the overall profit and reputation of a personal injury law firm.